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My name is Dan Shapiro, and I've actively traded the markets for the last 20+ years. During that time, I've developed a proven process any trader can learn and use to quickly improve their win rates.

You're lucky you found this page, because I'm about to give you the chance to learn from me every day and fast track your success.

I've put together a live mentorship program called "PS60 Trader". When you become a member, I'll share my complete trading process, my daily insights, and all my wisdom from 20+ years of trading. Best of all, you'll get to virtually trade side by side with me in my daily live webinar as I coach you to success.

I don't teach trading concepts you can simply google, I don't share strategies I haven't thoroughly tested, and I don't keep the best opportunities for myself. I share what's working for me with those who are serious about day trading successfully.

I don't have to share my process or coach others - I do it because I wish someone had helped me avoid costly mistakes, master my process, and improve my win rates much sooner.

Take the guesswork out of day trading and invest in mentorship. I wouldn't be where I am today without it.

I guarantee I can help you achieve your goals as long as you show up to my daily live webinar, trust in my process, and take action.

Daily Mentorship + All The Tools You Need To Succeed

1. Daily Live Trading Webinar:
Every trading day, I host a live interactive webinar to coach you and other PS60 Trader members - meaning you get roughly 7 hours of live mentorship each day. We'll strategize together before the market opens, I'll share my insights and coach you throughout the day, and we'll lay out our battle plan for the next day after the market closes.

Daily Live Trading Webinar

2. All PS60 Masterclasses (Past Recordings & Future Live Sessions): Several hours of extensive training that teaches you step-by-step my exact PS60 Process I use to trade. I've spent 20+ years perfecting my process and now you have the opportunity to learn and execute it profitably. Every year, I do an updated live training to share the latest improvements which you will have complimentary access to as a PS60 Trader Member.

PS60 Masterclasses

3. Live Pivot Feed (Monday - Friday):
During each trading day, you’ll receive my Live Pivot Feed which will help you spot profitable opportunities in real-time. Take the emotion out of trading, follow my process, and trade my best opportunities each day.

Private PS60 Feed Live Pivot Demonstration

4. Nightly Recap Videos (Monday - Thursday):
After each trading day, you’ll receive my recap video breaking down my most recent trades and my plan for the next session. Wake up with confidence knowing you have the plan of a veteran trader to follow for the day.

Nightly Recap Videos

5. Discord Community (Available 24/7 On Any Device): Our discord server provides an after-hours room for active members where you can discuss the markets, learn new strategies, or just chat about life and hang out with new friends! This service is available 24/7 on any device so you always have a family to trade with!

Discord After hours Chat

BONUS: Nightly Pivot Watchlists (Monday - Thursday):
Before each trading day, you’ll receive my pivot watchlist where I prepare you by highlighting the best opportunities based on my PS60 Process. You'll enter the markets every morning with profitable targets to keep your eye on. Even you decide to cancel your membership, you'll continue to receive a portion of these watchlists as long as you're subscribed to our email newsletter.

With this set of tools, you'll enter the market feeling like a veteran trader, and with time, profit like one too!

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If you're already on this page, you have no reason to hesitate. Your PS60 Trader purchase is a small risk with huge potential to improve your trades. Trade live with me daily so you can shortcut your way to creating financial security for you and your family.

Even if I only help you avoid one or two bad trades per month, this membership more than pays for itself.

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Your Instructor

Dan Shapiro
Dan Shapiro

Dan has been in the trading world since 1998. He started his career at Generic Trading in NYC as one of the early members of the top prop trading desks led by his mentor and late friend – the great Mayer Offman. He ran his first office for Generic Trading in 2001. Through this experience, he realized the importance of risk management while running a group of traders. Generic was eventually sold to the Royal Bank of Canada. Years later, he led another trading group desk at Assent that was sold to Sunguard.

Dan has traded through the Dot Com era, 9/11, and the mortgage bubble. He has traded along side some of the top prop traders during his career and made lifelong friendships. All the experience and screen time led him to start Access A Trader in 2010.

Access A Trader focuses on education and strategy in order to create intelligent traders focused on process. Dan is the proud creator of the revolutionary PS60 Process, which he uses to trade daily. In addition to his extensive career, Dan is a devoted husband and father of 2, his greatest achievement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with my "PS60 Trader" Membership?
Our community was founded by Dan Shapiro who is a trading veteran with over 20 years of experience in the markets.

We provide world-class trading education designed to help traders of any skill level find their edge and dominate the markets through the following:

1. Daily Live Trading Webinar (Monday - Friday): Nearly 7 hours of live mentorship each trading day with Dan and other successful traders. Ask questions, get immediate feedback, and be a fly on the wall of veteran trader.

2. All PS60 Masterclasses : Several hours of extensive training that teaches you the exact PS60 Process Dan uses to trade profitably.

3. Live Pivot Feed (Monday - Friday): During each trading day, you’ll receive Dan’s Live Pivot Feed which will help you spot profitable opportunities in real-time.

4. Nightly Recap Videos (Monday - Thursday): After each trading day, you’ll receive our Dan's recap video breaking down his most recent trades and his plan for the next day.

5. Discord Community (Available 24/7 On Any Device): Discuss the markets and chat with other members whenever you want. When you trade with us, you're part of our family!

BONUS: Nightly Pivot Watchlists (Monday - Thursday): Before each trading day, you’ll receive our pivot watchlist where Dan prepares you by highlighting the best opportunities based on our PS60 Process.
How is this better than other trading memberships out there?
Simple. Results, experience, and dedication to helping you succeed. PLUS, you're getting an INSANE amount of value from a 20+ year trading veteran for a small investment.

Also, our active traders have the highest success rate compared to our competitors. The PS60 Process works amazingly well and Dan is dedicated to helping the traders in our family every single day.

That's why he's willing to share his process and insights with those who invest in him and trust in his process.
How long do I have access to member benefits?
After payment and verification (steps to verify are included in the members area) - you will have full access to all benefits shared on this sales page as long as you are an actively paying member of our "PS60 Trader" program.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
As long as you are a paying member, you will retain access to your purchased services through your most recent billing cycle.

If you wish to cancel, you can end your automatic billing from within your membership portal with just a few clicks. Once cancelled, you'll retain all membership benefits through the end of your most recent billing cycle.

As long as you remain on our email list, you will continue to get a portion of the Nightly Pivot Watchlists for free as part of our PS60 Vault for email subscribers. All other paid services will be removed, including: Daily Live Webinar, PS60 Masterclass, Live Pivot Feed, and Nightly Recaps.

You can contact us anytime with questions or to receive help with cancellation via email: [email protected]
Do you offer refunds?
Short answer: No.

Because you have immediate access to our digital content and services after payment, we cannot offer refunds.

Please see our "Terms of Use" at the footer of our site for more details on our membership and site policies.
Does PS60 work for trading options?
PS60 works for lots of trading styles. Dan doesn't personally trade options, but he provides options specific suggestions during his live webinar and in his nightly recaps / watchlists to help you succeed.

Many of our members trade options based on Dan's PS60 Process, so you can interact with them during our live webinar as well.

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