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I'm revealing my success formula for determined traders looking to achieve financial freedom!

If you're serious about taking action and improving your win rates quickly, then Access A Trader is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Real trading education comes with mentorship and execution - better yet, executing quickly, making mistakes, and improving as you go.

With my Private PS60 Feed package, I'll grant you permission to follow my private Twitter account where I tweet pivots live for members so you can take action quickly on the best opportunities of the day.

I don't teach random basic trading concepts, I don't toss around watch lists I'm not sure about, and I don't keep the best opportunities for myself. I share what's working for me with those who are serious about day trading successfully.

If you're not yet ready to join my exclusive daily live webinar, then this is your next best bet to catch the same amazing opportunities I do.

Take the guesswork out of day trading and invest in mentorship. I wouldn't be where I am today without it, and I guarantee I can help you achieve your goals as long as you take action on the information I share with you in my private feed.

Ready to get an inside look at my pivots and improve your win rates?

Here's what you need to do next:

Show me you're committed to mentorship from me with a $20 investment, take action on the pivots I share in my private feed, prove the system works for yourself, and then when you're ready, make the leap to a Gold Member and my exclusive daily live webinar where members skyrocket their trading success.

If you're already on this page, you have no reason to hesitate. $20 is a small risk in order to improve your trades, and shortcut your way to creating financial security for you and your family.

I'm looking forward to sharing my wealth of knowledge and amazing opportunities with you!

Pivot Updates vs. "Alert" Services

Check out this video where Dan explains why these live pivot updates are so powerful and why this offer is so much better than an alert service.

Your Instructor

Dan Shapiro
Dan Shapiro

Dan has been in the trading world since 1998. He started his career at Generic Trading in NYC as one of the early members of the top prop trading desks led by his mentor and late friend – the great Mayer Offman. He ran his first office for Generic Trading in 2001 . It was then that he really realized the importance of risk management while running a group of traders . Generic was later sold to the Royal Bank of Canada. Years later he led another trading group desk at Assent that also was sold to Sunguard.

Dan has traded through the Dot Com era, 9/11 and the mortgage bubble. He has traded along side some of the top prop traders during his career and made lifelong friendships. All the experience and screen time led him to start Access A Trader in 2010.

Access A Trader is focused on education and strategy with the goal to create intelligent traders focused on process. Dan is the proud creator of the revolutionary #PS60 Theory which he practices live online daily. In addition to his extensive career, Dan is also a devoted husband and father of 2, his greatest achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with the "Private PS60 Feed" Membership?
1. Access To My Private Twitter Where I Share My Pivots & Insights Multiple Times Per Day

2. Become A Member Of The Access A Trader Family

3. Receive Exclusive Insights & Mentorship From My 18+ Years Of Successful Trading
How is this better than other trading memberships out there?
Simple. Results, experience, and dedication to helping you succeed. PLUS, you're getting an INSANE amount of value for a very low investment of $20/mo

Also, our active traders have the highest success rate compared to our competitors. The PS60 Theory works amazingly well and Dan is dedicated to helping the traders in our family every single day.

That's why he's willing to share his pivots and insights with those who invest in him and trust in his process.
How long do I have access to Dan's private feed?
After payment and verification (steps to verify are included in the members area) - you will have full access to everything Dan shares from his private Twitter account.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
As long as you are a paying member, you will retain access to your purchased services through your most recent billing cycle.

If you wish to cancel, we will revoke all membership benefits within 48 hours of your request.

You can contact us anytime with questions or to cancel via email: [email protected]
Do you offer refunds?
Short answer: No.

Because you have immediate access to our digital content and services after payment, we cannot offer refunds.

Please see our "Terms of Use" at the footer of our site for more details on our membership and site policies.

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